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Our Company

Established in 1959, B.I. Brooks and Sons, Inc. specializes in the engineering, installation, and maintenance of material handling systems and devices in the Midwestern United States, including KS,MO, IA, NE and beyond. Combining decades of experience and expertise, the company has firmly developed effective and reliable solutions for any business that involves any form of product handling, from manufacturing to transport industries.

For optimum performance and high quality results of these companies, B.I. Brooks and Sons offers a wide range of products that include overhead conveyors, power rotators, floor conveyors, bridge cranes, hoists, and monorails. With specialized equipment and skilled craftsmen and crew, it undertakes every single project and sees to its ideal completion.

B.I. Brooks and Sons operates and manages a systems house that produces a number of impressive product handling solutions for a variety of items in nearly every industry. We thoughtfully design, engineer, and install intricate turnkey devices and equipment to achieve a variety of processes that make it easier for our partners to manage their material and merchandise with utmost care and commendable quality. Just some of our projects include I-beam chain and trolley conveyors built for painting operations, surface conveyors for warehouse picking functions, and overhead bridge cranes for steel manufacturing and assembly. No matter the size of the project, every single detail that it involves is carefully considered using trustworthy technology and committed specialists, ensuring an output that’s effectively built to contribute to your company’s success.


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