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Years of experience and training will bring your machines to life.

B.I. Brooks and Sons has its own installation crews. We hire only skilled Millwright labor personnel with many years of experience.

Our supervisors are trained to work with the customers to assure that their needs and desires are met. You will find them agreeable and courteous at all times.

We have experience in installing anything from gravity conveyor to multi-million dollar systems. Our workers have installed these systems and have moved, modified and relocated a variety of equipment and machinery.  We stress safety to our workers and by doing this and implementing our safety program.  The group of millwrights at B.I. Brooks & Sons have manufactured and installed countless cranes, conveyors, pallet racking systems, and more. Experience is essential to installing equipment safely and efficiently.  Our millwrights have seen it all and know what it takes to get your turnkey system running quickly and correctly.

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