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Engineering Services

Creative solutions for one-of-a-kind challenges.

B.I. Brooks is primarily a “systems house” where we design, engineer, fabricate, and install turnkey material handling systems. These systems use overhead power and free conveyors, powered monorail systems which utilize I-beam or enclosed track conveyor, or surface conveyor systems, using powered roller and power belt conveyors, with the ability of accumulating, diverting and sorting of products. We have designed systems for existing plants where there are numerous obstructions to avoid and production processes that need to continue to run, along with systems for a new facility or an expansion of a current plant. We work hand in hand with the customer to determine the expansion size required or new building requirements, by providing layouts of the proposed system, possible loading of building steel, etc. But the most frequent system we install is in an existing plant where production needs to continue to run while a system is being installed or the installation is taking place during shutdown time or over a long weekend. This type of installation is the most critical and difficult, but we work closely with our customers and use experienced and quality craftsmen to make sure the projects get completed on time and without disrupting the manufacturing process.


We have an experienced and qualified engineering staff that designs and creates special material handling systems and devices. This is accomplished through evaluation of our customer's needs and requirements for handling their specific product.

We have an extensive history of custom-built machinery for a number of industries. We're ready to find a cure for your engineering pains.


Custom monorail track switching system

Collapsing mold for rubber tires

Catwalks and maintenance platforms

Pallet dispensers

Specialty drying conveyor

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