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Power Rotator

Get the part coated with one step.

Power Rotators are generally used in painting applications, where the part needs to rotate to make sure that they are cleaned, painted and cured on all sides.

BI Brooks designs and manufacturers a variety of rotation devices that are use on overhead conveyor systems where parts are hung from a swivel fixture. The swivel fixture is a sprocket that engages the rotating chain causing the hook to spin at a constant speed.

The Rotator can have a powered chain with a variable speed controller to change the rotation speed. A fixed chain can be used if a constant speed is required. Stainless steel construction can be provided if the unit is to be installed in a corrosive or wet environment. Also, explosion proof motors are available for units that are installed in paint booths.

We can design for your applications or provide one of our standard units. Additionally, we manufacture the swivel pendants and have several standard units for 85 Lbs., 200 lbs. and 400 lbs. or we can design a special one for your application.

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