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Monorail & Jib Cranes

Cost-effective hoisting and mobility for increased productivity.

Ergonomic, cost effective, lightweight cranes get your loads lifted for less. Monorails and jib cranes can be built in a freestanding configuration or attached to existing building columns or ceiling joists.

A monorail consists of a hoist and trolley that moves along a track or beam. Monorails can be built with switches and curves to move long distances and to different parts of a plant.

A jib crane is similar to a monorail, except that the track is mounted to a post that rotates up to 360°. Jib cranes are excellent for outdoor applications and workstations.

Both monorails and jib cranes are able to be hand, electric, or pneumatically powered.

New to hoisting equipment?  We've been building cranes for more than 40 years, and we have the experience to help you pick the right product for your application.


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